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Hi kiss and slap lovers ^^
I've created this tumblr for those who love thai dramas a.k.a lakorns. I hope you'll follow me and enjoy my photos, gifs, etc...

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livinglifelovingit whispered:
(1/2) DAANNNGGG! I am so happy that I found your blog. Even more happy that Janie is one of your favorites. I absolutely love her! I thought it was funny when you mentioned that you watch lakorns based on the women first because that's what I do too

(2/2) and since I’m a girl as well I thought it was weird. Good to know I’m not the only who does that. Just want to clarify what does kiss/slap really mean. I havent been watching lakorns for that long so I wanted to know what it is exactly.


It’s so good to see that I’m not the only one who picks this way, and not just depending on how good-looking the guy is. If our main girl is great, the guy is just a present ;P (not like I have any problem with beautiful guys tho, I’m still a girl) BUT, if I can’t connect with the leading lady, why the hell would I watch the lakorn anyway?!

Janie is like my first love in the lakorn world. She’s talented, beautiful, I love her lakorns and even though I don’t agree with everything she does in her daily life, she’s sill my first bae.

About kiss and slap; it’s a situation what lakorns like to use (not that much anymore). Originally, it’s starting with the girl successfully gets on the guy’s nerves or the guy is just a little bitch, who loves dominating our naive girls. So the guy kiss the girl and she slaps him in response, which the guy takes as a provocation, (of couse, like every normal person *not*) so he kiss the girl again and then a slap and a kiss, slap, kiss, etc… It’s like a weird conversation with a lot of tension. XD It’s stupid but we love it, shame on us. ^^

Anonymous whispered:
How come you haven't seen the Hormones series!? I think you would like it. great blog btw!!

Oooh, been waiting for this question…
You’re actually not far from the perfect characterisation of mine. Problematic teens has been one of my favourite genre (with all the other dark, dramatic, raw, complicated, artistic or serial killer stuff as well) since forever so I thought I’d love it. Especially now, that the second season is coming, I sit down last week and watched the first episode and now it’s on hold… I’m not gonna comment much after just 1 episode but may I say “I imagined something different”?! I’m not saying it doesn’t hold my interest but I have a lot of things to watch atm, so I’ll finish it later on… someday. 

p.i.: Thank you, glad you like this place ^^

minsookekeke whispered:
Hello do u know where I can watch leh nangfah with eng subs? with viki it doesn't work! Can u help me? :)

I wish I could help you but I can’t. Viki crew probably stopped subbing it because of the video problems :( If anyone knows more than us, please share it.

Anonymous whispered:
Where did you get the raw for Leh Nangfah in such good quality???

I’ve downloaded the first 8 epi from LakornHD but they’re not there anymore (thanks CH5) and the rest are from here. ^^

Soooo, they’re remaking Leh Ratree and I don’t know how I feel…

The original version was great (and the ost is one of my fav) so I’m not so fond of this remake thing but I like 3/4 of the new cast so let’s wait and see. It’s pretty clear that they can’t replace Pepper and Ann ever in my heart, they were my baes >< and Pong was such a baby back then XD

I love Esther but I can’t really imagine her as Kate. I don’t know anything about Sean so I’m not commenting on that. 
On the other hand, Gypsy and Jes a.k.a Jao Payu couple no.2 will be in it together again. *w*

I have to find some time to rewatch the old one and refresh my memories.