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Hi kiss and slap lovers ^^
I've created this tumblr for those who love thai dramas a.k.a lakorns. I hope you'll follow me and enjoy my photos, gifs, etc...

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My babies!!! You have no idea how happy I am, thank you lakorn Gods!!!!


On the set of Ruk Tong Oom

This whole Janie scandal makes me sad. Just pure sad… nothing else

Usually, I don’t like talking about scandals and such on this blog but I  wanted to share this. I truly love her and this whole mess have an effect on me….

I understand her reasons for marrying that man but sometimes, I just wish she would have stayed with Film, anyone else or just alone. Gurl please, try to get your life back on track.

livinglifelovingit whispered:
(1/2) DAANNNGGG! I am so happy that I found your blog. Even more happy that Janie is one of your favorites. I absolutely love her! I thought it was funny when you mentioned that you watch lakorns based on the women first because that's what I do too

(2/2) and since I’m a girl as well I thought it was weird. Good to know I’m not the only who does that. Just want to clarify what does kiss/slap really mean. I havent been watching lakorns for that long so I wanted to know what it is exactly.


It’s so good to see that I’m not the only one who picks this way, and not just depending on how good-looking the guy is. If our main girl is great, the guy is just a present ;P (not like I have any problem with beautiful guys tho, I’m still a girl) BUT, if I can’t connect with the leading lady, why the hell would I watch the lakorn anyway?!

Janie is like my first love in the lakorn world. She’s talented, beautiful, I love her lakorns and even though I don’t agree with everything she does in her daily life, she’s sill my first bae.

About kiss and slap; it’s a situation what lakorns like to use (not that much anymore). Originally, it’s starting with the girl successfully gets on the guy’s nerves or the guy is just a little bitch, who loves dominating our naive girls. So the guy kiss the girl and she slaps him in response, which the guy takes as a provocation, (of couse, like every normal person *not*) so he kiss the girl again and then a slap and a kiss, slap, kiss, etc… It’s like a weird conversation with a lot of tension. XD It’s stupid but we love it, shame on us. ^^